Panhandle Spirit: Hedley helps its own

Corkey is Kortney Burtonâ??s service dog.

The sixteen-year-old suffers from epilepsy.

Sheâ??s just returned from a month-long stay in Philadelphia with her mother, Tanya, where Corkey was trained.

Tanya Burton says the organization Canine Partners For Life matched Kortney with Corkey.

Corkeyâ??s a black Labrador and can do several things, but primarily, he watches Kortney for signs sheâ??s going to have a seizure.

Kortney says, "the other day he alerted up to two hours before I had one. So that gives me enough time to call someone or get somewhere safe before I had a seizure"

The town of Hedley and surrounding communities raised the money for the Burtonâ??s trip and their stay, and a donation for the organization.

Kortney says sheâ??s thankful for what everyoneâ??s done. "I canâ??t even begin to say how thankful I am for everybody."