Panhandle Spirit: Creating a little cold cash for cold scuplture in Oldham County

This week's wintery blast made for some pretty creative scultpures by mother nature and drifts and snow mounds took on all kinds of stranger shapes and figures.., and there was also the chance for some handmade creations as well, and over in oldham county, those cold creations could also mean some cold cash.

While most people this week saw blizzard conditions, snow drifts and near record snowfall... that's not the case for some over in Oldham county.

The Oldham county Chamber of Commerce decided to try and turn all this snow, or unassembled snowmen, as it's also known, into a snow structure contest, according to Director, Deborah Sue McDonald.

"I was snowed in and saw some kids out building snowman and thought, we should do something with this," Deborah Sue said.

The rules... there really are no rules, according to her.

"Looking back, there should have been some rules but there aren't. All I said was the winner gets 10 dollars."

Their Facebook page is full of some great photos as the creative frozen liquid artists started dreaming up some amazing snow sculptures.

For people like Eloise Bell, it was a chance to have a little family fun and turn the wet, heavy white stuff into a great little project.

"The kids wanted to come outside and play in the snow so we came out during the blizzard and so we were outside and it was the perfect snow. With pine trees in our backyard, we used pine needles for his hair and call him Spike," Eloise said.

We wanted to see first hand about some of these snow mounds that area all part of the county contest, so we drove over the day after the roads cleared and we were not let down.

One of our favorites was the upside down snowman that was turning heads, well, upside down.

There was also one that was pictured on Facebook that seemed to be a representative of the owner's four legged friend.

Just about anything you wanted to see...from a lion's head to your basic 3-tiered snow person...from the very small to the very tall. How Tall? Well, I'm over 6 foot and was dwarfed by this one that's turning eyes skyward.

This contest is just the start for Deborah Sue who has only been running the chamber for a few months...she says the creative people in and around Vega, Adrian And Boys Ranch can expect a lot more of this kind of thing in the future.

"I want to tell you there's more to come. Out here in Vega, Wilderado, Boys Ranch and Adrian, which is Oldham County, there's a creative fun spirit and there's always going to be something fun," added Deborah Sue.

Like the old adage about lemons and lemonade, snow and snowmen seem to go hand in hand when finding that silver lining in the snow drifts in Oldham County.

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