Panhandle Spirit comes through to help fire victim

T hose devastating fires at the Timbers Apartments left dozens with nothing. One of those, Cassandra Rodriquez, a single mom with two small children.

She is trying to make it through high school and trying to rebuild from scratch. It's the Panhandle Spirit is helping pull her through.

This was the scene Friday, fire engulfed an entire building. This is what remains almost a week later, charred rubble and memories.

"I just got a call from the school and it was my brother, I guess saying that the kids are with him because the apartments on fire. So, I drove home as fast as I could and the apartment was up in flames and there were cops and fire department everywhere," said Cassandra Rodriguez, Fire Victim.

The fire started in her apartment. The Amarillo Fire Department says it was an accident, it was caused by a heater. But now, she, her three month old son, and her one year old daughter are left with virtually nothing.

"It was scary. I just cried the whole time and asking where my babies were because I couldn't find them anywhere. It's been hard ".

But the student council at Richard Milburn Academy, which she attends, is coming together and putting on an art auction Saturday. All the proceeds will go to her.

"It feels really great I guess to be able to work as a group to actually make a difference in her life, and I really hope we can," said Emilie McCollum, Student Council President.

"My school is doing a lot for me. Now I know a lot of people care about us. I can have a shoulder to lean on , " said Rodriguez.

A should provided by the community, to help give Cassandra a little faith that everything will be okay.

The art show is Saturday, November 12th from 10am to noon at Richard Milburn Academy(click here for map).

If you want to donate, call the school at 463-2284