Panhandle Spirit: BACA Group protects abused children

In the Panhandle Spirit tonight, we're talking bikers. these are not your run of the mill, weekend warriors out on harleys. This group, known as BACA is on a mission that's getting national recognition, and the only chapter here in the panhandle area can be found in borger.

Bikers have long been associated with gangs and crimes...but there's also those bikers who are not only law abiding citizens...they also fit into the category of protectors. such as with these four ---who are part of an organization called baca-bikers against child abuse.

In the texas panhandle, they are th only chapter, but there are BACA groups in 32 states and 5 countries including 25 chapters in the Lone Star state.

They're mission: To protect childen against abuse.

Today, we met the leader, Sugar, along with Sister Kim, Chap and Sandman. They make up part of the 22 members who ride to help across the panhandle, protecting kids.

Once a case is filed against an abuser, BACA may be asked to get involved. They adopt the abused child, give them a riding vest, a street name, and become a part of the BACA game. and they always protect their own before, during and after court appearances.

The kids have been threatened, we enable and enpower them, we tell them as they take the stand to look at us, we're your family.

They've offered 24 hour protection between arrests and court dates and their reward is to pretty simple.

"Stand up for the kid..."

They are trained by prosessionals and are vetted with complete background checks...and like their charter says, they do not condone violence, but if they're the last line of defense between an abuser and a child, they will stand up.

"We're barbed wire. You dont' get hurt until you try to mess with us."

Sugar says it costs a couple hundred dolalrs to help out each child, along with the gear they get and counseling if needed, so they're always looking for help...just like the kids that look up to them.

A mantle they take very seriously.

"Stand up and stand strong for the children."