Panhandle Spirit: Auctioneer donates CD sales to children of veterans

Amy Assiter calling the auction.

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On any given day at Assiter Auctions, you might see and hear owner Spanky Assiter behind the microphone, talking faster than should be humanly possible and selling everything from old tractors to houses.

But his isn't the only voice heard calling out bids. Amy Assiter is no stranger to auctions, but she didn't start out there. Her childhood was based in music.

"I, in fact, was the black sheep. I just sing and my dad kept telling me you'd better learn' and I said, 'No," and I regret that now."

After college she became a commodities broker but then gravitated toward auctions, winning title after title since 1999, making a name for herself in that fast paced world of auction selling. Even with her success, music was still in her soul and after her grandfather passed away, she received some inheritance, but wasn't sure what to do with it.

She says she didn't feel right buying something for herself and wasn't sure which way to go with donations... so she put her talents to work and went to Nashville to make an album, entitled, "My name is Amy."

"After a lot of prayer and thought, this CD just kind of evolved, and the music evolved."

She still wasn't wasn't sure what to do with her recent recordings and it was then she says she got an epiphany.

"It was, it really was. and I believe that's God answering prayers. When you have an inspiration like that and you should feel it, but yeah, it was an epiphany."

Along with music, the military runs deep in her family as well.

"Every war that America has been involved in, I have had a family member in, since the Revolutionary War. When I sing the Star Spangled Banner, it's an offering."

Her charity, "Mission:Freedom's Children" is aimed at helping children of veterans and can actually see it making a difference.

Most auctions start with Amy singing the Star Spangled Banner and recognizing any veterans among the bidders. On this day, her autographed CD went up for bids, and one gentleman put up $100.00. Four other bidders said they wanted a copy for a total of $500.00. Spanky Assiter announced that the auction house matches those bids and $1,000.00 was raised in less than 5 minutes.

"We're all driven to help people and that's payment for me. I didn't care for any of the glory -- it's all about helping people and taking care of these people that take care of me, and you."

And unlike some some charities that promise a portion of the proceeds...every single dime raised from donations and sales, goes into her mission.

"They are willing to go fight and lay down their lives for our comforts and freedoms and all the things that we enjoy and you just can't pay that back."

Something that deserves a tip of the hat, or at least a bid in the form of a donation to help out.