Panhandle Spirit: 3 teenagers place their faith in an event and are not disappointed

In the Panhandle Spirit, we go right down the road to the Pinnacle community church where we caught up with three amazing young teens.

They were given a task and they didn't know if they could carry it out successfully...but they tried and the results were nothing short of amazing according to them.

This may just look like three kids killing time, knocking a ball around...but their friendship is so much more.

Destiney, Rambo and Tanner are all members of the Pinnacle community church in amarillo. A while back, Tanner was asked by his youth pastor to lead a "see you at the pole" event, where kids are invited to show up at a flagpole at school on the national day of prayer.

They handed out flyers and put up posters, inviting dozens of kids to show up, but they were worried.

"I was worried no one would show up," said Tanner.

Rambo adds, "He was scared but did it anyway."

The surprise came the next morning when they showed up for the prayer rally...and not only did these three reach a couple dozen kids...said Tanner.

"Next morning, we had 350 kids. How many? 350."

They say the obvious differences in who they are helped reach more people and as Destiney noted...

"Everyone needs a little bit of Jesus in their lives."

They also started offering to give fellow students rides to church...and now they say they need some help.

"A lot of people want to come again so we're looking for a bus," said Tanner.

While no water got changed into wine, Tanner believes this kind of an event with this much interest is nothing short of a modern day miracle.

"They're always talking about miracles and I think this can be considered one of them."

Amazing how a small gathering of a bunch of kids around a pole can find the spirit of God, and still touch their lives long after the event has ended.