Panhandle snow delays truck drivers

Truck drivers from all over the country set up ship at the Petro off I-40 as the second biggest snow storm in Amarillo made it's way into town. "With a livestock wagon it's like pulling a big parachute behind you. In 50 mile an hour winds and icy roads don't make for very good conditions", says Jim Dreier.

Even for veteran truckers, the hazardous conditions were too dangerous to risk. "I've been driving trucks 13 to 14 years and I've never been through Texas and seen it like this", says Dreier.

For now, drivers are left to pass the time as they wait for road conditions to clear. "Sitting in the truck, hanging out, talking on the radio. Walking to the store and talking to some drivers is there. Just kind of hang around," says truck driver Randy Seely.


hile many of the trucks were stuck, other drivers chose to play it safe by staying off the roads. Some drivers are hoping to get on the road as early as Tuesday afternoon.