Panhandle residents react to rising gas prices

According to Triple A, travelers will spend about $659 over Memorial Day Weekend. They said 28 cents of every dollar spent will go toward transportation costs.

This comes at a time when gas prices continue to rise. According to Triple A, there's a 30% increase of fuel costs since 2012. But there is some good news: overall prices aren't as high as they were a year ago.

The price for regular unleaded back in 2008 reached almost 4 dollars a gallon.

Corporations like Walmart are helping residents with fuel increases by providing the Great Gas Rollback.

"Our customers tell us their budgets are being squeezed by gas prices. We are helping them with up to 15 cents off of the price per gallon of gas through July 7." said Walmart Spokesperson Debbie Wishon. "Our Great Gas Rollback has saved customers more than $100 million over the past 2 years."


riple A projects Memorial Day travel to decline by almost 10% due to an up and down economy and fee fatigue from gasoline.

"In my opinion, I think it's ridiculous. They keep going up and it's going to make it difficult for people to be traveling this summer and make it difficult to do anything with the kids," said Amarillo resident Whitney Miller.

"I don't get to travel as much as I used to. We show horses here and there and it kind of slows down on where we go because we can't afford to make as many trips as we used to," said Walmart Rollback User Ronnie Moore.

Rising costs aren't only going to affect Amarillo residents. Prices are up in other parts of the U.S.

"I'm actually going to Ohio so you do the math. All across the United States. I just hope I can catch it under $3.50 so that's what I'm budgeting for," said Amarillo resident Jason McKnight.