Panhandle residents head to Bovina

Sunday was the Annual German Sausage Festival in Bovina.

With over 40 years under their belt the parish of St. Ann's Catholic Church has created an event that keeps the panhandle loosening theirs.

Homemade German sausage plates were sold that included mashed potatoes, homemade sauerkraut, green beans, plus all the fixings.

"We started out in little barns and it has grown into this," said Martha Nell Schilling Church Member. "We made 4250 pounds of it (sausage), it's all made from scratch, we smoke it, and it takes a lot of effort for all the people."

The effort is clear; officials say plates were sold out by Friday. Therefore an additional 500 pounds had to be bought and prepared.

The fundraiser has grown tremendously in years past, a week's work goes into the preparation, and members of the parish are always willing to lend a helping hand

"We have a lot of young wonderful people now. We were afraid we wouldn't be able to keep on doing it. We have a lot of young ones in our parish now, and as you can see the kids/everybody help us," said Schilling.

Members of St. Ann's said they have no doubt this tradition will continue.

Though they take pride in the quality of their homemade fixings, those who attended say it's more than great food they received.

"I enjoy coming out to Bovina, we try to come here every year because they have fabulous fellowship and friends we know, and we just enjoy it tremendously," said Pete, Happy resident.

"It's because the food is good, always good," said Pug Jennings Lazbuddie Resident. "They give you plenty to eat and then the company is good. You see all your neighbors and the camaraderie, that's a good part too."

All proceeds benefit St. Ann's Catholic Church in Bovina.