Panhandle residents dive into Labor Day weekend festivities

The nearly 200-year-old holiday has always proven to be a time to kick back and enjoy the things that matter the most. Labor Day weekend has been on many minds and itâ??s one of those holidays people are truly grateful for.

Families have been coming together cooking out, spending time at the lake and much more.

Resident celebrating the holiday, Melody Pasina said, "We're cooking out and just, you know being with each other and seeing each other because we live in different places some of us and some of us haven't seen each other in a while.â??

While some people enjoyed the day with fun in the sun, others did not get time away from laboring at work. The Labor Day holiday usually promotes big business. Ashley Furniture Manager, Candy Gentlemen said, "This labor day weekend, this is one of the biggest weekends that we have all year. It's actually bigger than Black Friday and we have a lot of manufactured sponsored promos that are better deals than you can get even on Black Friday."

Although not every resident is spending their time at the lake, everyone seems to be taking advantage of the free time in their own way. "We're just going to play some disk golf, hang out with some cool people and just relax maybe meet up with some friends later,â?? said Resident Blake Hicks.

Another Resident, Janice Wolf stated, "I'm going to go shopping and see if I can find some Labor Day weekend deals at the mall."

Not only businesses cash in during the holiday weekend but car dealerships have some of the biggest sales.