Panhandle residents continue to help victims of Moore tornado

It was nearly a month ago that a tornado passed through the city of Moore, Oklahoma and destroyed everything in its path. However, efforts to help those victims are still continuing for Panhandle residents. Mudd Rack hosted a fundraising benefit to help raise money for those that had lost everything.

â??Itâ??s going to bring them hope,â?? said Mudd Rack bartender, Viviane Lollis. â??Thatâ??s what everybody needs, just a little hope.â??

Different organizations from all over the Panhandle came together to contribute to the benefit. There was a car show, raffles, pool and dart tournaments, live music as well as a toy drive.

â??I was more than happy to do it,â?? said Car Show Coordinator Cory Mangum. â??The Mudd Rack does a lot of stuff and you couldnâ??t ask for better people.â??

Kicking it For Kids was there collecting toys to give to the children who lost everything during the tornado.

â??Until you get to help and be a part of it youâ??ll never know the experience. Itâ??s so rewarding. Itâ??s life altering,â?? said co-founder of Kicking it For Kids Jimmy Smith. â??You look at kids and you think this is why weâ??re adults. This is why we get together and help kids. Itâ??s amazing.â??

All proceeds raised will be given to the United Way of Central Oklahoma. Smith as well as others from the fundraiser will be traveling to Moore in two weeks to give all donations from the benefit.

To make a donation, you can contact Mudd Rack at (806) 381-2599

For more information on United Way of Central Oklahoma, visit