Panhandle employers still hiring for seasonal jobs

Those looking for a little extra cash this holiday season are in luck. Companies throughout the Panhandle are still looking for employees to help out during the holiday season.

Director of Workforce Solutions, Trent Morris says that â??if someone is looking for seasonal employment during the holidays, they better get out and start applying quickly because those jobs will be taken and employees are looking for people with excellent customer service skills.â??

Companies are currently looking for additional staff to help out with the large holiday crowds that increase during this time of year. Amarilloâ??s Target and Kohl's are some of many companies currently hiring for the holidays.

Christina Bean, Executive Team Leader at Target states that she is â??looking for that energetic person whoâ??s outgoing. The one that wants to create those moments and connect with the guest.â??

Most businesses receive their large crowds during this time. Dan Butler from Kohls says that they do about 20% of their yearly business just in the month of December.

For many that are currently looking for employment to earn some extra cash for the holiday season, jobs are available.