Panhandle businesses, friends and family pitch in to help out Angela Kirkland

The Panhandle Spirit is alive and well and we can prove it.

An Amarillo family needs some help after the young mother is diagnosed with a brain tumor.

The bills are adding up but everyone involved is hopeful the old adage, what comes around, goes around holds true.

Most people that know Angela Kirkland recognize her from her years in the labor and delivery ward at Northwest Texas Hospital. She was between jobs and insurance coverage when she couldn't shake a headache, according to her mother Lynda Archer.

"And it was cancer, and with cancer and the added expense of hospital and chemo and radiation there's just an added expense plus she cant work right now."

That's when people started springing into action to help out Angela, her husband Colby and their 2 kids.

"Whether they know her or not it's phenomenal, and that's just the Texas Panhandle Pride and it's what they do!" added Angela's father, Robert.

Next Monday the 13th, Blue Sky is offering up a percentage of their profits to help out Angela and her family. That kind of help is a regular item on their menu.

"When the people come in and they see there's a fundraiser, everyone hears about it and we have a great turnout and fundraiser as well," said Blue Sky Manager, Joe Romo.

And on the 9th, Bahama Bucks is donating 20% of its proceeds to help out as well. The owner, a native New Yorker says he's a true believer in the Panhandle Spirit and giving back as well.

"I like to give back and this community has been good to me and I want to do my part and give back to the community," echoed Bahama Bucks owner, Ed Sneider.

And if Angela's parent's look a little familiar...we profiled them a couple weeks ago on our weekend newscasts. They are part of the "Wheels to Prosper" organization that donates cars to needy families in that Panhandle Spirit.

Following successful surgery, Angela has about a half a dozen chemo treatments and may be out of work for 6 months.

Along with the donations collected at Blue Sky and Bahama Bucks, there's also going to be a garage and bake sale Saturday the 11th at 3312 Reeder that has been organized by Angela's friends as another fundraiser to help out the family.