Panhandle-area gangs

Pronews Seven was the first news station to tell you about the plans the United White Knights of the KKK have to resurrect their branch here in Amarillo.

But the KKK isn't the only organization causing concern across the area.

While the Klan is more politically motivated, there are other groups, just as notorious, dealing drugs and committing crimes and seem to be here to stay.

Pronews Seven obtained an exclusive map from the state that shows The Mexican Mafia and Arian Brotherhood of Texas have taken over parts of the Panhandle.

While the KKK hasn't been known to cause any criminal activity here State Representative David Swinford said these other gangs are a threat to our society.

"The KKK is symbolism over substance, they don't really do much. They just symbolize a thing of the past we don't need. The gangs are not symbolism. They are real deals and they'll hurt and kill you." Said Rep. Swinford.

Swinford tells us these gangs are moving in from the border towns and controlling the crime and drugs in our area.