Panel to choose city logo from 16 finalists

Nearly 700 entries later of city logo designs officials at the city council meeting announced the sweet 16 finalists, but who are the faces behind some of the designs?

Haley McWilliams is a middle school art teacher in Amarillo. She said the school librarian convinced her to enter into the contest, but she never thought she'd make through two rounds of voting.

"I like doing art that matters to people." McWilliams said. "So whenever it was time to create a new logo for Amarillo, the money and everything doesn't mean anything, I just wanted to be apart of something big."

She said her design is the final product of a pencil, paper and the bright minds of her students.

"So I sat down and I asked my class, we talked about what was important to Amarillo and the kids were actually who supported me and helped me come up with my design," McWilliams said.

Now the design is out of her hands and into the hands of a panel of five judges.

"We're going to take the 16 and turn it over to a panel of five experts." City Council Member Ellen Green said. "They are people who are, and have been in marketing and graphic art for years and we're going to let them choose the top logo."

The city will then let its lawyers look over the final design before presenting it to the public in January, and as for Mcwilliams, she said her students are keeping their fingers crossed.

"I don't want to look at myself as winning, and I don't want to look at myself as losing. I'm very very blessed to have made it this far and very very blessed to have the support systems of my students and family," she said.