Pampaâ??s 32nd Annual Chautauqua kicks off

Every Labor Day Pampa folks gather in Central Park for food, fun, games, music, and cultural activities called Chautauqua.

A lot of folks probably donâ??t know what the word "Chautauqua" means.

Itâ??s a good thing we have smartphones these days.

Itâ??s Iroquois, meaning two moccasins tied together.

But as far as anyone knows, there were no Iroquois 32 years ago in Pampa when the Chautauqua began.

Faustina Curry, the Director of PAWS, was. She says, Lee Cornelius, who cut my hair and I, and Susan Dingham, his wife, we were at the beauty shop and we wanted to do a cultural experience for Pampa and so we started Chautauqua.

Sena Brainard, the Chautauqua Chair says the whole thing grew out of a movement in the 19th century, although not at that time in Pampa. "It is a movement out of Chautauqua, New York, to educate those in the inner city to get them out of the inner cities so they can experience art, culture and religion."