Pampa voters weigh in on liquor in restaurants

A petition by Pampa residents asked Pampa city commissioners to consider removing the ban of liquor-free restaurants during the upcoming May 11th elections.

"Back on December 24th, they city was approached by a petition brought on by the citizens of Pampa. We certified over 1300 signatures," said Pampa Mayor Brad Pingel. "We voted to put that in the ballot."

Voters are now deciding whether the city should allow businesses and local restaurants to serve liquor by the drink throughout the city.

Some residents believe the new city ordinance would increase revenue within the city limits.

"It will bring in your chain restaurants that sell liquor," said Pampa voter Helena McKnight. "Most of the people here drive to Amarillo, why spend the money in Amarillo when you can have it right here."

Mayor Brad Pingel agreed.

"My understanding is we do have opportunities for maybe some other restaurants to come in, some of the larger chains. But also, I think it opens up opportunities for our existing businesses."


f residents vote in favor of the controversial issue, many


hope job growth and new businesses in the area will follow.

"Big businesses usually pass Pampa up, we're smaller. I think now they'd be wanting to come to Pampa


because Pampa is growing

," said Pampa voter Donny Wilbon.

"it o



up the community and give


some of these young people that really need

jobs, a job."

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