Pampa students show off talents for elementary farewell

Just a few more weeks of school are left before the summer officially kicks off. But the fifth graders at Austin Elementary School in Pampa have said goodbye already. They had fun doing it too with a talent show.

For years, the fifth graders at Austin Elementary have been putting their best foot forward and coming up with some unique and fun ways to show off their talents. It's this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education report.

The sweet sound of music filled the air as one of many students sang their hearts out during Thursday's talent show. For years, the school has hosted the event as a way to send the fifth graders off to junior high.

"They showcase their many talents. We have a lot of gifted singers, a lot of rip stick performers, we've had a piano player," said Austin Elementary Counselor, Pam Zemanek.

"I'm with a bunch of friends and doing some dances with pillow cases," said fifth grader, Evan Boyd.

The students also did the harlem shake, and other fun dances. "It's fun and gives me something to do, and just a lot of fun," said Boyd.

But there were also break dancers, basketball players, and many other talents.

"I was singing a thousand years by Christina Perri. It's soft, it doesn't have any cuss words in it and one of favorite songs," said fifth grader, Ashlynn Mulanax. And all the students kept thinking was, "don't mess up, don't mess up, don't mess up".

For the teachers, it's a bitter sweet ending to the school year when they have to say farewell to the fifth grade class.

"It's very sad. We send them off with well wishes to the 6th grade and to Pampa Junior High school of course, but most of the kiddos we've had since they were kindergartners so we tell this group that we will cry real tears when they go," said Zemanek.

As you can imagine, the gym was packed with proud parents and the rest of the school. Which some of the students say, made them even more nervous.