Pampa Mall could be reopened by April

Pampa shoppers will soon be able to return to the Pampa Mall.ã??

Jason Bagwell, owner of One Stop Flooring on Hobart now owns the Mall which has been closed for more than a decade. Itâ??s been sitting empty on the lot. Bagwell is refurbishing the building and said heâ??s in negotiation with several stores. He said it could take up to $4-million to renovate.ã??

"Itâ??s quite a task. Thereâ??s been water leaks, roof problems, just getting rid of carpet thatâ??s been there a long time. Itâ??s been left sitting here quite a few years. So we have quite a bit of work ahead of us."ã??

He said he also intends to make the kids in Pampa happy.

"Theyâ??re excited. They think itâ??s pretty cool. Theyâ??re excited about the possibility of an arcade and all the kinds of things kids want to do in Pampa."ã??

Bagwell said one store has agreed to move in soon and shoppers should expect to partially use the mall in April.