Pampa ISD's educational showcase highlights students' academic work

Sometimes in our schools, the athletic accomplishments of our students can overshadow their academic accomplishments

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ut that certainly wasn't the case in Pampa Monday.


he school district hosted it's Second Annual Educational Showcase at Pampa High School from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

"All of the core areas will be represented by grade levels and the electives will also have an opportunity to either demonstrate, talk about or show the most interesting lesson from the first semester," explained Pampa ISD Superintendent, Barry Haenisch.

Haenisch also said it was a good opportunity for students to talk about what they learned during the first semester as well as a chance for the community to really see how and what the children of Pampa are learning in their classrooms.

"It gives them a very good idea of the connectedness in what we learn," said Haenisch. "That what's being learned in first grade is necessary to be successful in the second and that leads to success in third and so on."

More than 2,000 community members circulated through the Educational Showcase Pampa hosted in 2011 showing support for the students and their education.

"I hope after tonight that our community will be looking for young scholars to put on their shoulders and carry them out of the building in celebration because they will realize what a fine education children and Pampa are getting and they'll realize that they are academic winners just like our athletes are athletic winners," added Haenisch.