Pampa ISD upgrades technology and puts iPads in classrooms

Pampa Independent School District teachers got a technology upgrade over the summer and are using it in their classrooms. Thanks to extra money in the district's budget, they bought 300 new iPads. Every professional in the district are using those iPads. For teachers, that means expanding their lesson plans. It's this week's Region 16 Spotlight on Education report.

"We had some training over the summer for those who wanted to participate and I had approximately 200 teachers that went through different trainings that I did," said Pampa ISD Director of Instructional Technology, Suzie Jameson.

It's a technology upgrade that the school district said is to help keep up with their digital native students.

"They were born into a technological world. By the time they're two to three years old they can work the remote, the DVD player, mom or dads iPhone perhaps their own iPad. So it's important that we embrace those tools that they use," said Jameson.

Gone are the days of textbooks. Now school districts across the region, like Pampa ISD are finding innovative ways to merge technology and school work. For teachers, the added technology means bigger possibilities.

"It means a variety of tools at my disposal. With iPads you can do all kinds of things I can go to National Geographic and take them to Thailand tomorrow," said fourth grade teacher, Ben Ceyanes.

Ceyanes said it also helps when students are absent. They can download an app and see right there the lessons for that day. Even giving them options to email in their work.

"We're hoping that the teachers will find that the iPad is very useful tool for them something they can't live without because the students already know that the electronics are something they can't live without," said Jameson.

"They're really already immersed in this so really now I need to get on board as well," said Ceyanes.

For parents and teachers, if you're wanting to keep up with some of the newest educational apps, check out Region 16's website and facebook pages where they feature different apps each week.