Palo Duro Zip Line plans to expand park

Five weeks of gliding high and soaring fast through the canyon for the Palo Duro Adventure Zip Line and General Manager, Mel Smith, is already looking at ways to expand.

It didn't take long for the zip line to catch speed through the panhandle area.

"Already I'm shocked and surprised at how many people keep coming back." Smith said. "I guess I didn't expect that in the beginning."

The zip line covers a quarter-of-a mile long, and it's approximately 469 feet from the lodge tower to the canyon floor. For these thrill-seekers, the zip line is just one of many attractions the adventure park will eventually see.

"The future is that it's an adventure park. The zip line of course is the main attraction, and that's what they come to ride, and it is an experience and it's fun; but the future is that it's an adventure park and of course the next stage of the adventure park is going to be with that rappelling, and it is an outdoor adventure, natural wall," Smith said.

The zip line currently has six tour guides, but Smith would like increase his staff along with the expansion of attractions.

"Well, we've recently undergone training and certification for rappelling. It's going to be a hundred, just a little over a hundred and thirty foot drop," Guide Cody Tweeder said.

If the weather permits, the zip line won't have a closing date and guides are ready to experience the speed all year long. The zip line is located before the entrance to the Palo Duro State Park.