Palo Duro Canyon to re-open Wednesday

Officials say Palo Duro Canyon State Park will re-open 8am Wednesday after the park was shutdown because of a wildfire.

The Randall County Sheriff's Office says the fire at Palo Duro Canyon is now under control. Fire crews are leaving the scene, but an emergency services unit, units from the Texas Forestry Service and Randall Sheriff's Office deputies will stay on the scene overnight.

Randall County Fire Chief James Amerson says the park should re-open Wednesday at 8am if no rekindling occurs.

The Regional Fire Chief Troy Ducheneaux stresses the importance of staying safe during these windy, dry conditions.

"Right now we always encourage everybody, especially during days of critical or elevated fire conditions to remind them to watch what they're doing," Ducheneaux said. "Know when there's burn bans in your area and if you happen to be doing camping here, know the rules of the park."

The re-opening of the park is good news for spring break visitors. Nicolae Branzei and his family travelled from Houston to see Palo Duro Canyon, but only got a glimpse of it on Sunday.

"It's beautiful. I highly recommend to everybody," Branzei said. "I never thought that Texas has such a nice place."

Officials say the fire started because of one hiker's cooking device. A decision on if charges will be pressed is pending investigation.