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      Palace Coffee Co. wins regionals, opens new Amarillo location

      Downtown Amarillo is getting a new addition. Not only did the coffee newcomers, Palace Coffee Co., achieve their Kickstarter goal of $20,000, but they also won a significant award in the coffee world on the same day.

      Palace Coffee Co., a well known Canyon coffee house that's nestled into the Canyon Square, won first place in the regional portion of America's Best Coffeehouse Competition in St. Louis.

      For the competition, dueling coffeehouse teams of three employees each fill roles such as barista, bar back and cashier, and then serve attendees and judges.

      The coffeehouse will not just remain a well-known Canyon shop for long. Just five minutes before beginning to compete in the finals for the regional coffee competition, owner Patrick Burns checked on his Kickstarter campaign, a crowdfunding site he used to garner funds for their new Amarillo location. And mere moments before they began their final push to victory, Burns realized their goal of $20,000 had been reached.

      After being one of the six coffeehouses who won regionals, Palace Coffee is headed to Portland this October for the national championship with the potential of receiving the largest payout of any coffee competition in the world -- $10,000. The team thinks their chances of winning are fairly positive.

      The downtown Amarillo location of Palace Coffee Co. is set to open Monday in the Paramount Theater building, 817 S. Polk.