Ouch! Flu shots coming soon

Fever, sore throat, coughing... all symptoms you could avoid this flu season with one simple shot.

Yes, it seems a little early to be thinking about getting the vaccine, but one local pharmacist recommends getting it before it's too late.

"As far as being too soon, too early, everybody has their own opinion whether to get shots in September, October, November. The shot should last either way, according to the FDA they should last through the flu season either way.You can't wait until it's here and say oh, I need to get the flu shot because then it takes two weeks for it to be effective and in that period of time, you're exposed", said United Market Street Pharmacist, Dr. Dick Storseth.

But don't let the warm weather fool you into thinking we'll be skipping out on having a flu season this year.

"The flu is still going to be there whether the weather's hot or cold. Flu season's still going to be a potential problem. People should still get their flu shots just like they always do", added Dr. Storseth.

It's also recommended that people of all ages, down to six months old, get the vaccine. But if you're not a fan a shots, there are other options.

"There's just the regular old flu shot in your arm, there's a nasal spray, there's one that is just a little bit less of a shot in the arm but it is still a needle", said Disease Prevention Control Program Manager, Casie Stoughton.

"Medicare covers it, for all your Senior citizens, most insurances will cover it, a lot of employers will cover it so most people can get the flu shot without having a big expense and it's usually not an expensive shot, usually it's around $25", said Dr. Storseth.

So, premature as it may seem, getting the vaccine is something we should all be thinking about.

"You just can't take the risk", Storseth said.

S torseth says all Unitedpharmacies will begin offering the flu vaccine on September 1.