Organization hopes to stop Ute Lake pipeline

Concerned Citizens of Curry and Roosevelt Counties will present arguments against the pipeline project in a town hall meeting Thursday night in Portales.

Greg Neal is a consultant for the group. He says "theyâ??re concerned about the depletion of the water in Ute Lake and theyâ??re concerned about committing to a $600-million government project without the promise of federal financing and they think itâ??s a bad scheme all around and theyâ??d like it to be reevaluated.

Gayla Brumfield is the Chairperson of the Eastern New Mexico Water Utility Authority. She says the project "has been studied for 50 years. The reservoir has been built for this reason. Thereâ??s been hundreds of thousands of dollars in engineering studies that have gone into it.

In terms of federal funding, the City of Clovis says under the direction of the Bureau of Reclamation, Congress will fund the Bureau to fund the projects and the Bureau will determine what level each project needs to be funded.

Meanwhile, property owners in Logan are concerned.

T.J. Walsh, the President of the Logan Chamber of Commerce, and a realtor, says "Some of these folks are calling us to say, should we put it on the market now?...And weâ??re talking a few people off the cliff on a daily basis.

Brumfield says the Authority is concerned about the Logan economy, but she says the Clovis population is a 38,000 and Cannon Air Force Base is about 12,000, and all those people need water.

The Pipeline Project and the prospect of losing more water has plunged property values in Logan about 30%.