Organ donor? What's your status?

More than 100


people are waiting to receive a life-saving organ, but time will run out for many of them.

Facebook is starting a new project to get people to register as an organ donor

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nd with close to 1 billion members they are hoping it will create a lot of buzz.

One young woman in our community speaks up about how important becoming an organ donor really is.


shley Driver had her 1st lung transplant when she was 16.



was only on the list for three months, which is not a long time

," Driver said.


hen everything was fine but in 2009 I had rejection. Which is a pretty big deal and so I had to get back on the list for another transplant."


he had to wait 10 months for her second one.



nd that's a really long time to wait



she added.


shley's not the image most people would see when they think of someone waiting for a transplant

, b

ut an estimated 18 people die every day waiting for an organ.



ou figure Texas has 2.4 million people on the donor registry and only one percent of those people will actually be able to be an organ donor," said Mia Hunter, RN, donation clinical specialist. "The more people we have on that list is absolutely going to help."


nly one percent qualify to be a donor because that person must have a severe head injury or severe terminal illness.



here's not that many people who have a head injury or major stroke that's going to allow them to be a donor



said Hunter.

Hunter thinks Facebook will really help encourage people to become donors. Driver


, and thinks it
will be a great way to connect with the younger generation.



lot of people in the younger community don't really think about it

," Driver said.


nd Facebook is a really great way to reach out to young people who may not otherwise know about it."


donation saved her life, and for that she will be eternally grateful.


(the family who donated)

don't know how much gratitude I have. I mean that's giving a piece of yourself away. When you give your child's or sister's or mom's organs, that's giving a piece of them away. I could never repay them for doing that for me."