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      Open Carry Texas meets opposition in Houston's 5th Ward

      UPDATE: Open Carry Texas released a statement today that they will be rescheduling their demonstration in Houston's 5th Ward "to allow for OCT and community leaders to come together with a common goal of unity."


      CNN -- Members of Open Carry Texas met with community leaders in Houston's Fifth Ward on Wednesday. Their goal was to explain why they want to hold a pro-2nd Amendment march through their neighborhood this weekend.

      The meeting was tense and 15 Houston police officers attended to ensure it didn't get out of hand. Both sides sat across from each other at a table at the corner of Lockwood and Lyons.

      "And let me just say for the record, we don't want you here," said Karen Blueford Daniels of the 5th Ward Super Neighborhood #55. A member of the New Black Panther Party called the Open Carry Texas groups insurgents.

      Members of Open Carry Texas have held hundreds of events where members walk through communities carrying rifles and shotguns in support of 2nd Amendment Rights. The group's president tried to explain why they chose the 5th Ward for one of these events.

      "We're trying to touch as many pe o ple as possible with our message that an armed society is a polite society," said CJ Grisham.

      Various persons on the opposite side of the table expressed their disbelief of the group's intentions.

      Eventually, the meeting devolved into a shouting match, and HPD stepped in to calm tensions.

      Despite the angry words, members of Open Carry Texas still plan to hold their demonstration.

      This is how the meeting ended: members of the New Black Panth er Party standing tall with assault rifles.

      "Saturday, we will come and protect and defend our community because we don't trust them. Their motives are out of control," said Quanell X, community activist.