Online games help teach students Math

With kids so tech savvy nowadays, it only makes sense they would love to learn through video games.

That's exactly what a program in Amarillo Independent School District is doing.

That program is teaching Math skills through a variety of cool video games. It's something the kids are understandably excited about.

It's this week's Region 16 Spotlight Education report.

Kindergarten through 5th graders are able to learn concepts from addition to multi-step Algebra by playing online games through a program called, "First in Math".

"It gets harder and harder taking them through a wide range of story problem, types of problems, solving and gets them to a level where it's challenging. It's almost like a video game and kids, they love video games. Its challenging they have successes and when they're not successful it doesn't punish them," said Steve Austin, Will Rogers Elementary Assistant Principal.

Instead they earn points and advance. AISD has the program, and Will Rogers Elementary ranks number three in the district. Just recently, 4th grader Jacoby Diaz took first place.

"Everyday I get to come home or come to school and play First in Math all day and helps me get better and better at math," said Jacoby Diaz, 1st place.

He says this about his first place position.

"Because it's a bunch of kids in the school district and I'm beating them"!

Jacoby's teacher says it's also a great motivation because kids are excited to play, and learn.

"I think they've become more critical thinkers. They're thinking on a higher level. They are able to really problem solve. I see they're working together they're encouraging one another," said Lisa Moon, Will Rogers Elementary 4th grade teacher.

Jacoby has to keep his first place ranking to keep his trophy. He says he plans to continue playing over the summer and hopes to become number one in the state.