One of the trains from the wreck was carrying hazardous materials. Would nearby buildings have been prepared for a hazmat situation?

The scene as crews were cleaning up the wreck this afternoon.

A train collision involving three trains early Wednesday morning sent four people to the hospital.


n eastbound
BNSF train was rear ended by another train. The cargo fell onto the westbound tracks and caused a third train to derail.


ne of the trains was carrying
hazardous material, but luckily none of it spilled during the accident.


wreck was close to the Potter County Detention Center and Highland Park Independent School District. What would have been the plan if there had been a chemical spill?


e would have had to take some kind of action.
It may have been shelter in place...could have been a various array of actions," said John Coffee with the Potter County Sheriff's Office.

Mike Brown, Superintendent of HPISD

hasn't dealt with a
Hazmat situation before, but they say they're prepared.



nd that protocol involves leaving the campus if necessary, obviously. and depending on the situation or where it might be located, we have an agreement with the amarillo independent school district to use one of their campuses as a holding center and reunification center

," Brown said.


National Transportation and Safety Board has taken over the investigation. Clean up is expected to take a couple of days.