Oklahoma child falls sick after drinking e-cigarette juice


n Oklahoma mom said that her 4-year-old got terribly sick after drinking the liquid nicotine used to refill her e-cigarettes, but he's not the only one this has happened to.

When Ren Gaulrapp heard a noise and went to investigate what the child was doing, they found their son sitting amongst several open bottles of the liquid nicotine and the fluid was everywhere. He'd been eating it, and had it all over him.

Since the taste of the liquid is sweet, it's not discouraging to children to taste or play with them.

Unfortunately for the little boy, the liquid made him sick - vomiting all day and suffering painful withdrawal symptoms.

Doctors said he was lucky that Gualrapp's e-liquid had low nicotine levels. The higher the nicotine level, the more dangerous the liquid.

Jerry Hance at Flavor Vapor North said that his e-juice is made by chemists in a lab, while most stores in Oklahoma make theirs in-house. He thinks that might be where some of the lethal liquids are coming from. Hance says that regulation is the answer.

"you're never going to be able to make a product and sell it without it being regulated," he said. "come in and regulate it and make everybody go to a lab."

The accident hasn't stopped Gaulrapp from using e-cigarettes, but now she puts the liquid on a higher shelf and has added it to her son's "do not touch" list.