Okla. man charged with videotaping women in tanning beds

Raevan Smith was one of the four women recorded nude while tanning in an Oklahoma gym.

CNN -- An Oklahoma man is charged with videotaping clients as they were lying in tanning beds at a gym.

Police say a 14-year-old is the one who busted the man.

Nita Branch and her 14-year-old daughter Cheyenne go to Flex Works Gym in Lindsay to tan.

As Cheyenne was getting out of the tanning bed and putting her clothes on, she saw something disturbing.

Police were called to the gym where they confronted 31-year-old Eric McCoy, who initially denied the accusation...until the officer picked up a small white towel, and a black video camera fell out of it.

There were 14 recordings showing four individuals in the nude.

Victims were disturbed by the news of being who bawled at the sight of her own video.

These women are now united in their bond of getting justice, especially for the youngest victim who discovered the crime in the first place.

McCoy is facing four charges of the use of video equipment in clandestine recording - that's a felony. He pleaded not guilty in court last week.