Oil Boom hits Pampa

Pampa is beginning to look like it did in the old oil boom days.

Theyâ??re tearing down the old Junior High to make way for new development.ã?? Pampa Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Clay Rice says, "it will be townhomes on the east side of the property.ã?? On the west side there are commercial pad sites theyâ??re looking to develop."

The Old Coronado Center is now called Las Pampas.ã?? And Pampa ISD is moving there into the old Albertsons.

Mayor Brad Pingel says "Weâ??re going great!"

Much of the growth and prosperity is due to the oil and gas boom in the eastern Panhandle.ã?? Sales tax revenue is up and oil and gas workers are commuting from Pampa.

Rice says, "that industry continues to grow and weâ??re definitely seeing effects of it.