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      Ohio teen dies from caffeine overdose

      A BC-- An Ohio teen was found dead after over dosing from caffeine powder.

      Logan Stiner, 18, of Lagrange, OH was pronounced dead at the scene after his brother found him unresponsive in their family home in May. Stiner was a standout student at Ohio High School and was just a few days away from graduation.

      The Lorain County Coroner determined Stiner had died from cardiac arrhythmia and a seizure caused by a toxic level of caffeine in his blood after ingesting caffeine powder. Dr. Steven Evans said mixing one teaspoon of powder with water is the equivalent of drinking thirty cups of coffee at once.

      The caffeine powder is currently legal and it is not clear where Stiner got the powder. The powder has become very popular among teens, especially athletes, because they think it gives them an edge. Dr. Evans said Stiner had more than seventy micrograms of caffeine in his body and fifty is considered toxic.

      The state is now looking into whether the caffeine powder needs legislation.