Officials arrest Florida man for allegedly smothering his toddler son

Cody Wygant, 24, is in custody in connection with the death of h is toddler son.

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Florida man is in custody in connection with the death of his toddler son.

Police say he confessed to suffocating the child so he could continue playing video games.

Cody Wygant, 24, admitted to police he killed his 16-month-old son because he wouldn't stop crying while he played video games.

Neighbors said that this isn't the first time that police have been called to his home.

Police said Wygant admitted after holding his hands over his sons nose and mouth for three or four minutes, he tightly wrapped him in a blanket so he couldn't get air and placed him in a play pen, returning five hours later after bingeing on video games and TV shows.

Wygant has no prior arrests in Citrus County, but investigators said he has an extensive criminal history in California that includes trespassing and rape. Wygant and his girlfriend also have a 3-month-old daughter who is now in state custody.