Officer will monitor Garvey grain elevator

The abandoned Garvey grain elevator is a popular hangout for thrill seeking juveniles. Rumors that itâ??s haunted make it even more of a hot spot around Halloween.

"People need to be aware that these places are all private propertyâ?¦They go on to the private property and trespass into these places, they will be arrested,â?? said Jerry Neufeld, Amarillo Police Department.

Kelsey Tortoreo fell 80 feet to her death in 2011.

â??She fell through the 8th floor into a hole, in the notorious clown room,â?? said Tom Tortoreo

Tortoreo has hired an off duty Amarillo Police officer to monitor the area.

"He'll be here from dusk to dawn. He will have his blue lights on as a deterrent to keep any young adults or teenagers, or anyone for that matter from going into this building,â?? Tortoreo said.

The officer will be on public property in front of the building.

â??I just want to make it clear to the public that this is not a safe place. Itâ??s private property. You canâ??t go in it. not only do you have legal consequences to adhere to, you could have the ultimate consequence. Your life.â??

Amarillo Police Deparment will use their directed patrol to keep an eye on this area. They also do beat checks, in which officers will stop by and check on the area in between calls.

People that are caught trespassing on the property can face up to six months in jail and up to a $2,000 fine.