Officer involved shooting, 2 injured

Sorority House shooting

UPDATE: J ust before 2 a.m. Thursday morning, Amarillo police responded to the Sorority House club on south Washington, as the business was closing.

Officers were told of a large fight that was going to occur at closing time at the club. Two officers, set up watch across the street, when they saw a large crowd, exit the club and a fight broke out.

Officers approached the group, one man was seen holding a knife. They ordered the crowd to break-up before finally using pepper spray to disperse the crowd. The man with the knife slipped away.

A young man was then seen firing a semi-automatic weapon into the air. The officers ordered the teenager to drop the weapon. Instead officers say the suspect made a sweeping motion and pointed the gun at the officers that's when they opened fire. Hitting 17-year-old Markeen Walker four times.

Lieutenant Gary Trupe says safety is the first priority when officers are called to a scene. And after feeling threatened by Walker police did what they felt they had to do.

"They have an obligation to stop that person, to protect the people there on the parking lot and protect themselves once the gun is pointed at them."

Back-up was called as the crowd began throwing bottles and rocks at the police. Officers from APD, Potter County, Randall County, and DPS all responded to the scene along with an ambulance for Walker.

The responding officers broke up the crowd, that was estimated to be about 100 people. During that time authorities discovered that a second man had been shot. Christopher Bailey, 28, was taken into surgery where he is listed in critical but stable condition. Police say that right now it isn't known if Bailey was struck by a bullet fired by officers of Walker.

"The man who shot in the air could have shot into the ground I'm not saying we didn't hit him, hopefully we'll get the bullets removed from him during surgery and we can compare the bullet to our gun," said Trupe.

Walker, had wounds to his upper body, and legs, he was admitted into ICU. He is currently listed in critical condition.

Two additional arrests were made during the incident one for interfering with the arrest of another, and another for underage drinking.

The officers have been placed on three days of administrative leave pending the investigation. The results of the investigation will be turned over to the Randall County District Attorney's office.

Police say at least 100 people were there, and several of them used cell phones to capture video of the event but are having a hard time tracking down witnesses.

Some of the crowd thinks what the police did was wrong, but police can't move forward without witnesses.

"If our officers did something wrong I need to know that. I have to have proof or thoughts that went on, but if it is we'll talk to you," said Trupe.

If you have any information you are asked to call Special Crimes at (806) 378-9468.

Previously Posted:

A marillo police responded to a possible shooting at The Sorority Club on south Washington Thursday morning just before 2:00 am.

We have spoken with police this morning, but so far no details have been made available.

We expect a release to be issued soon. Check back here for an update, and be sure to watch ProNews 7 at Noon, 5,6, and 10 from last night's incident, and the latest information.