Off-roading fanatics take to the river -- with or without permits

"If it's got wheels and a motor, it will usually be here", said Amarillo local and avid off-roader, Joe Simms.

That was certainly the case on Sunday at the Canadian River where hundreds of off-roaders made their way down into the river for some Labor Day holiday fun.

"Just off-road vehicles, dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, side-by-sides, riding trails and off-road 4x4's climbing, going through the mud, not that there's much of it", said Amarillo citizen, Creighton Denny.

"We're just out here doing like we do every Labor Day weekend. Come out and play and ride our 4-wheelers and have fun", added Simms.

But, this year it was bad news for these off-roading dare-devils -- they would not be able to purchase up-to-date permits for their vehicles in time for the Labor Day weekend.

"We tried to get the 2012 stickers cause the 2011's expired in August", said Denny.

"For some reason, they don't issue them, they don't let the dealers buy the m a week ahead of time so we can get them on time. That deters a lot of people. I've got several friends that wanted to come but they didn't want to take the chance of getting a very expensive ticket", explained Simms.

Yet, there were still plenty of risk-takers at the river Sunday... with expired permits.

"Legally , yeah, we could be ticketed but I ha ve heard, and I don't know if it's just a rumor , that they said they would not be issuing tickets this weekend because of the confusion or delay in getting the new stickers ", said Simms.

S o , despite the issue with permits this year , you'll probably still find plenty of revving engines and clouds of dust filling up the Canadian River the rest of the holiday.