Off-roaders gear up for weekend sand drags

It's that time for thousands of locals to head to the Canadian River for the unofficial Canadian River Sand Drags.

Zach Crow has worked at Sharps Motorsports for nine years. "I've grown up all my life on dirt bikes," said Crow.

Crow and many other off-road drivers have been going to sand drags since they were young.

It is important for all the drivers to remember to get their OHV decal.

"The money goes straight to the state. It helps rangers patrol areas. If you notice down the main road its been smooth. It's not just for giving out tickets," said Chris McDonald, from Sharps Motorsports. "they want everyone to have a good time but be safe at the same time."

So this weekend if you head to the Canadian River be sure not to forget your OHV decal.