Ochiltree County begins liquor sales

In May Ochiltree County voters decided the County should go wet.

Liquor sales began June 14th and officials say sales were high.

There are currently three retailers selling beer in Perryton, Lowes, United and Cefco.

All are chains that have been through the licensing process.

Authorities say they are unaware of plans to open a liquor store, but they say itâ??s a matter of time.

Ochiltree County Sheriff Terry Bouchard says he worries about teenage drinking. "One of my fears is that more young people will be able to obtain alcohol. That bothers me."

He says theyâ??ll set up around the stores and monitor their activities, cooperate with the TABC and get involved with underage stings.

Ochiltree County Judge Earl McKinley says the County Clerk has no liquor store filings that heâ??s aware of.