Obamacare deadline is March 31 website

The deadline to sign up for the Affordable Care Act is Monday, March 31.

The United States Health and Human Services reports about 16 percent of Americans are still uninsured, but more than 4.2 million people now have insurance through the Obamacare exchange.

Amarillo insurance broker, Richard Walton, suggests speaking to an insurance broker if you have any questions about policies through He said donâ??t procrastinate signing up, because the website might be overloaded the evening of deadline.

Dr. William Biggs of Amarillo Medical Specialists, LLP said to be cautious when choosing a healthcare plan online. He said to make sure your policy has the doctors you want, especially if you have an established relationship with a doctor.

And Dr. Biggs wants to assure people the healthcare quality should not change, even though access to healthcare has.

â??Iâ??ve not really seen the quality of care go down at all and if anything Iâ??ve seen the quality go up due to things outside of the insurance exchange,â?? Dr. Biggs said. â??I think if youâ??re talking about the insurance exchange specifically, many of our patients now have access to healthcare insurance for the first time.â??

Penalties will be assessed to those who do not have insurance by March 31, but Walton said the government might allow some people to enroll after the deadline, especially due to technical difficulties.