Obama calls for NSA reforms

President Barack Obama is calling for National Security Agency reforms.

Following leaked intelligence information, some countries have taken action to avoid the NSA.

President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil proposed a direct transatlantic cable to Germany to avoid NSA collection of metadata at the last EU-Brazil summit.

Some officials in Japan, Russia and India want laws to keep Internet providers local.

Dr. Butler Cain, a mass communications professor at West Texas A&M University said there are economic implications with the possibility of countries avoiding the US through Internet.

â??If these folks try to bypass lines that cut through the United States or territories in control, there could be some financial repercussions for that,â?? Dr. Cain said. â??There are Internet companies who are wanting these peopleâ??s business and it doesnâ??t just affect the information that might be transferring through the lines. It could also affect whether American companies are hired for cyber security.â??

U.S. software companies could potentially lose $35 billion through 2016, according to the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.

Professor Dustin Hahn at West Texas A&M said itâ??s important for people in the Panhandle to stay informed about global issues.

â??Here in Amarillo, I think itâ??s important for us to keep in mind whatâ??s going on out there,â?? Hahn said. â??At the very least to know how our data is being accessed, if it is and to what degree. If you use the Internet, if you use mobile devices, at some point and at some way affects us.â??