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      NWTH child care specialist recognized

      B ecky Ringlbauer has worked as a child care specialist at Northwest Texas Hospital for more than ten years, she started as a volunteer.

      H er job is to make children and their families feel as comfortable as possible in the hospital setting.

      Her job does not get as much recognition as it deserves, but March is child life specialist month and now she gets the recognitions she deserves.

      " W e do a lot of really fun things ," said Becky Ringlbauer. "W e go into the kids rooms and do activities and play. But we also do the serious side which is teaching kids about a new diagnosis."

      Ringlbauer helps kids like Taylor, she has been in the hospital for over a month.

      H er mother says child care specialists like Ringlbauer make all the difference in the world.

      " W hen they're in the hospital they need activities to do ," said Dawn Campos, Taylor's mom . "When they're coming off the vent they're really restless and she brings them books, movies, Barbie dolls. She brings them their favorite things and keeps them occupied so they don't pull at their vents."

      " W e have patients for a number of reasons, whether they were involved in a trauma--right now we have a lot of patients with the flu and even things like asthma , " said Ringlbauer.

      H aving playrooms and the Ryan Palmer Healing Garden helps bring some normalcy to the time these kids spend at the children's hospital.

      A nd people like Ringlbauer help ease the pain and make their stay feel a little bit more like home.