Nutritionists say dietary supplements require research

From Herbalife to something as simple as vitamin C, it's appealing to think something so small can help people lose weight and stay healthy, but according to some nutritionists that's not always the case.

Nutritionist Katrina Shamblin said, "There's a lot of good products out there, but there's a lot of bad products that are not so good."



70 percent of the change in people's bodies will come from their intake.



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I look at is, 'what do you need?'" Shamblin said. "And are you just using that product as a magic pill, and if you are you're going down the wrong course."


Leskosky is one of Shamblin's clients. She's tried dietary supplements before, but that all changed when she met Shamblin.



have and they were successful for a little while.
If you give me a plan for a few months I could do it but always the weight came back and I was never learning those life skills, learning about product or nutrition," Leskosky said.


Alva said he's had a similar experience and knows all about the up's-and-down's of dietary supplements.


ou got to know what pills do what

." Alva said. "Th

ere's a lot of things that are out there with fillers that are really there just to fool you and make money off you."


said once the research is complete the next step is to have a plan.



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come into a gym is huge, and very important, but if you come into a gym and you don't have a good plan, that would be like me getting into my car and not having direction on any target of where I need to go," Shamblin said.