Nurse at Amarillo VA says vets not getting the care they need

The management of VA hospitals across the country has been a hot-button issue in recent weeks, and now, a member of Amarillo VA nurseâ??s union is voicing concerns about short staffing at the VA to the office of the inspector general of Veteranâ??s Affairs.

Pronews 7 confirmed that a letter was written by a nurse who currently works at the VA through their union, the National Federation of Federal Employees, to the inspector general. The letter states that the nurse has lost a family member due to poor staffing levels and â??that the mental health department is in disarray and dysfunction, that veterans are not being seen.â?? The nurse goes on to list several incidents where veterans have allegedly not received adequate care and that â??upper management simply covers up and punishes the lower staff when the problems are stemming from poor management.â??

The VA received a copy of this letter, and released a statement to Pronews 7 saying, â??The events described appear to have taken place as long as a year agoâ??, â??Without specifics, we are not able to provide information about themâ??, â??Patient safety is our top priority and is part of routine leadership reportingâ??, â??We encourage immediate reporting of events and do not condone negative action taken against anyone who brings a problem forwardâ??, â??Unions are a VA stakeholder and we work together with them to improve the services we provide to our patients.â??

We will keep you updated in this developing story, as more information becomes available.