Number of women buying and shooting guns continues to climb

Gun sales in the United States saw a few record highs during the month of December, but if you think it's just men doing the buying... Think again.

"In this past year we've had a good surge in women buying guns, getting more interested in shooting with their husbands and just having self defense because that's a right that we all do have," said owner of Erwin Pawn Shop, David Erwin.

A new women's gun club, A Girl And A Gun, established just last year could be proof of the surge of women's interest in purchasing and shooting their own guns. A surge, some say, that could be happening for a number of reasons.

"I think with the media and social media we're just more aware of the crimes that are happening against women right now," said facilitator of A Girl And A Gun Club Amarillo Chapter, Kaci Lusk.

"It's not strange for women to buy guns right now. Whether it be because of the economy, things are getting to be a little bit tougher," added Erwin. "They want to be able to protect themselves. We have a lot of military that's getting out, they're buying guns."

Just by noon on Saturday, Erwin sold three guns to three women. He said that's considered normal these days, however, most of the guns women are buying are fairly small.

"Most women are buying 38 specials, small 380's, pocket-sized 380's, 9 millimeters to be able to stick them in their purse," he said. "They're kind of sticking to the smaller guns."

Both Erwin and Lusk believe many of the women buying firearms are doing so for self-defense. But, Lusk added, there's no doubt women can have just as much fun shooting their own guns as men do.

"We have Girls Night Out and we have a lot of fun," Lusk said. "We get together, we socialize, we throw a few rounds down range and we're starting, this spring, competition shooting."

Whether you like it or not, nowadays, more and more women are armed and maybe not dangerous, but definitely prepared.