Nowak to depose John Does

Stanley Marsh 3.

The Attorney representing Stanton Coldiron, the plaintiff in the Stanley Marsh lawsuit, says the judge has allowed him to depose the John Does who first filed lawsuits against Marsh, claiming heâ??d molested them.

Vince Nowak says Judge John Board has allowed him to get testimony from the teenagers who said Stanley Marsh paid them for sex acts.

Those lawsuits were settled last February.

Coldiron also filed a lawsuit, but was the first to use his name.

He claims Marsh sexually abused him when he was sixteen and paid him money to keep quiet about it.

Nowak says interviewing the John Does is significant, "I think itâ??s huge. In the John Doe cases there were 11 of them. One dropped out. In those cases there was no written discovery and no depositions, sworn testimony under oath."

Nowak says he expects the lawsuit to go to trial next summer.