No vendors in Conner Park over holiday weekend

Canyon's Conner Park

T he city of C anyon is gearing up for it's big 4th of July celebration that kicks off S aturday morning.

I n the past there's been vendors both on the square and at C onner park over the weekend celebrations but this year the vendors will only be allowed at the square.

T he chamber of commerce is in charge of vendors, and say they want to make the experience at the park different from the square this weekend.

"S ome changes being made at our fourth venue from not having vendors out there, we've never had many but we watned to make that avenue a quiet place so that we can have our visitors out there feel comfortable and hear the entertainment and the fireworks, " said Canyon Chamber of Commerce Director, Cheryl Malcolm.

T he square full of vendors will be open from 9 to 3 Saturday with the fireworks being shot off in the park that night.