No time for boys at Girl Power in Amarillo

N early 4,000 girls have participated in Amarillo's Girl Power event throughout its five years.

S etting aside girl time isn't always an easy task for Lupe Mobley and her daughter Carlee, but the duo made an exception Saturday for Girl Power.

" C oming home and having to tend to everything else ," Mobley said. "W e don't get the time to usually spend together , and I just think this is a great event that others should know about."

The event didn't leave any room for boys because it focused on moms and their daughters.

" Y ou can just go around and ask these girls , 'A re you having fun? '" Event Coordinator Maegan Seymour said. "T hey always have these big smiles on their faces. It's just a good time to connect with their mothers, and just have that one-on-one time."

Guests s peakers talked about the importance of internet safety, nutrition, self-esteem and many new topics hitting this generation of young girls , but there was also plenty of time for fun and games.

" T he fun things are when we are getting your hair done, and when we get to see the author of Don't Call Me Cookie," Carlee said.

A uthor Vanessa Pasiadis was included in this year's event that left Carlee and many other girls with a few good lessons learned.

" T hat you and your mom need to do a good example, and that your daughter needs to tell you what's happening and what's wrong , and not tell lies," Carlee said.

C oordinators sa id this year they also reached out to rural communities to get an even bigger turn-out.