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      No-show bus driver leaves passengers stranded

      Riders accosted Greyhound for keeping them waiting in the Amarillo Greyhound bus station for anywhere between 16-22 hours.

      Riders accosted Greyhound for keeping them waiting in the Amarillo Greyhound bus station for anywhere between 16-22 hours.

      The news submission received by Pronews 7 said:

      "Bus loads stranded at greyhound station in Amarillo for more than 16 hours with no guarantee of another bus taking them out west. Anyone from infants to disable elderly left with no food or drinks and left to sleep on cold tile floor of station. The mood is now near riot mode as greyhound tries to take old tickets and reissue new ones in order to avoid lawsuit." The email was sent at 4:50 am.

      By the time Pronews 7 arrived on scene, the passengers were finally being loaded into a bus headed to their destination, however, they by no means were content.

      "Women and children sleeping on the floors because they couldn't get out of here. We had priority boarding passes but they were refused because they wanted to take someone else for whatever reason," said Shane Fowntain. We've been lied to continuously all night long. All night long. It's ridiculous."

      "Look at my kid right here, he's so tired he can't even get up," said one angry mother.

      "I asked the company if we could do some kind of refund and was told 'We're not in the practice of that sir,'" said Fowntain.

      The passengers were told by bus station workers that they did not know where the bus driver was or when there would be a replacement. Others said they were told that the bus they were supposed to ride broke down and they were waiting for another bus.

      "They want to give you a little meal ticket for food that makes you sick to your stomach (for compensation)," said one angry passenger.

      Passengers were issued new tickets sometime this morning and were told they had priority boarding once a bus arrived and those passengers were unloaded. They said they were then overlooked an hour later and a different group of passengers proceeded to board the bus that they had been told was theirs.

      "On these tickets, they put the 'p' for us to go on first and then the people that had just gotten out of the bus got back on, even though the lady had promised us that we would go first," said Monica Ramirez. She and her husband Brandon Ramirez were trying to make it to their grandfather's funeral and said their young daughter had been forced to sleep on the dirty tile floor of the bus station.